The Tribal Climate Resilience Grants Program supports: 1) tribal climate resilience planning and strategy implementation as tribes incorporate science, including Indigenous and Traditional Ecological Knowledge (ITEK), Indigenous languages, and technical information, and 2) ocean and coastal management planning.

Eligible Uses

There are 13 award categories:

  • Climate Adaptation 
    • Category 1. Trainings and Workshops (maximum: $150,000) 
    • Category 2. Adaptation Planning (maximum: $250,000) 
    • Category 3. Travel Support for Adaptation Planning (maximum: $15,000) 
    • Category 6. Capacity Building for Scoping Efforts (maximum: $65,000) 
    • Category 10. Implementation of Climate Adaptation Strategies (maximum: $2,000,000) 
    • Category 13. International Indigenous and Traditional Ecological Knowledge Virtual Exchange (maximum: $10,000) 
  • Ocean and Coastal Management 
    • Category 4. Ocean and Coastal Management Planning (maximum: $150,000) 
    • Category 5. Travel Support for Ocean and Coastal Management (maximum: $15,000) 
  • Relocation, Managed Retreat, or Protect-in-Place 
    • Category 7. Relocation, Managed Retreat, or Protect-in-Place Planning (maximum: $300,000) 
    • Category 11. Implementation of Community Relocation, Managed Retreat, or Protect-in-Place Actions (maximum: $3,000,000) 
    • Category 12. Relocation, Managed Retreat, or Protect-in-Place (RMP) Coordinator (maximum: $150,000 per year for up to three years) 
  • Internships and Youth Engagement 
    • Category 8. Internships (maximum: $50,000) 
    • Category 9. Youth Engagement (maximum: $50,000)

Eligible Recipients

Tribal governments are eligible recipients.

Approx Annual Funding Amount

The annual funding for this program varies; for FY22, $46 million was available. An additional $225,000,000 is available through the IRA until FY2031.

Cost Share Requirements

There are no cost-share or match requirements.

Application Cycle

Applications are typically due in July.


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Other Info

  • This program is covered under the Justice40 Initiative.
  • Tribal Climate Resilience awards are made to projects that address vulnerability to climate change impacts. Awards also support projects that ensure tribal participation in ocean and coastal cooperative planning, projects for ecological health, regenerative agriculture and food sovereignty, conservation practices, resilience, community safety and health, and economic security for present and future generations.