The Hazard Mitigation Grant Program provides post-disaster funding to state, local, tribal, and territorial governments to reduce and mitigate future disaster losses. Grant funding is available after a presidentially declared disaster and can fund a wide variety of projects for any type of natural hazard and for any eligible activity that reduces risk and builds resilience.

Eligible Uses

Applicants must have a FEMA-approved Mitigation Plan and projects must be considered cost-effective through FEMA’s Benefit Cost Analysis (BCA). See the HMGP Administrative Plan Checklist. HMGP-funded projects can include: acquisition and structure demolition/relocation, retrofitting existing buildings, floodplain and stream restoration, and more. Additional examples of eligible project types are summarized in the Mitigation Action Portfolio.

Eligible Recipients

States, territories, and federally recognized Tribal governments are eligible to designate one agency to serve as the primary applicant for HMGP funding, and each applicant may only submit one HMGP grant application with an unlimited number of sub-applications. Local governments, including cities, towns, counties, special district governments, state agencies, federally recognized tribal governments that choose to apply as sub-applicants, and non-federally recognized tribes, are considered sub-applicants. Homeowners, business operators, and non-profit organizations can be included in a sub-application submitted by an eligible sub-applicant.

Approx Annual Funding Amount

Assistance is triggered by a major disaster declaration and awarded using a “sliding scale” based on the estimated amount of total federal assistance for that Presidentially declared disaster:

  • Up to 15% of the first $2 billion
  • Up to 10% for amounts between $2 billion and $10 billion
  • Up to 7.5% for amounts between $10 billion and $35.333 billion
  • States with enhanced mitigation plans: up to 20% not to exceed $35.333 billion

Cost Share Requirements

A non-federal cost-share is required for all HMGP applicants and may consist of cash, donations, or third-party in-kind services, materials, or any combination thereof.

  • The cost-share is generally 75% federal share and 25% non-federal match.
  • FEMA provides 100% federal funding for applicant and sub-applicant management costs (e.g., the cost to hire a consultant and additional expenses to complete the application).

Application Cycle

State governors must submit a major disaster declaration request to the President within 30 days of an incident. Once the President grants the major disaster declaration, funding becomes available.

  • The applicant must submit all sub-applications to FEMA within 12 months of the date of the presidential major disaster declaration.
  • Grant recipients have three years from the close of the application period to complete their HMGP-funded projects.


State Hazard Mitigation Officers

Other Info

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