Section 119, a program associated with the P.L. 84-99 Levee Rehabilitation & Inspection Program, is being developed under a new authority, given to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) by legislation in 2020, to study, design, and construct water resources projects for communities that have experienced repetitive flooding events and have received emergency flood fighting assistance under the P.L. 84-99 Levee Rehabilitation & Inspection Program.

Eligible Uses

This authority can be used for the study, design, and construction of flood and coastal storm risk management water resources projects. Eligible communities are those, including tribes or tribal organizations, with jurisdiction over an area that: 1) has been subject to flooding in two or more events in any 10-year period, and 2) that has received emergency flood fighting assistance, including construction of temporary barriers by the Secretary, under the P.L. 84-99 Levee Rehabilitation & Inspection Program. These projects are directed to incorporate natural or nature-based features to the maximum extent practical to avoid or reduce flood or storm damages.

Eligible Recipients

Eligible recipients are USACE non-federal sponsors, which includes legally constituted public entities and nonprofit entities.

Approx Annual Funding Amount

The associated Flood Control and Coastal Emergencies Program was funded at $35 million in 2022 to be available until expended.

Cost Share Requirements

The federal cost-share is 50% for feasibility study costs and 65% for implementation (design and construction) costs. If the federal share exceeds $17.5 million, then the project must be submitted for Congressional authorization. The non-federal sponsor’s share for feasibility costs may include in-kind services. The USACE is required to consider a community’s ability to pay in determining whether to require a non-federal cost-share, but historically, the USACE has rarely waived cost-share requirements.

Application Cycle

To request assistance under this program, submit a written request for assistance to your local USACE district (see sample request letter on pages 10-11 of this linked document).


See this linked document for contacts for USACE programs.

Other Info

  • The program is covered by Justice40 for projects that are for Flood and Storm Damage Reduction (Construction and Investigations).
  • See 33 U.S.C. § 701n-3.