Through the Flood Plain Management Services Program (FPMS), the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) advises, educates, informs, and provides technical support in response to state, regional, or local governments, other non-federal public agencies, and tribes to address changes in floodplain and off-floodplain use, as well as flood risk and flood hazards.

Eligible Uses

This assistance can be used toward addressing floodplain and off-floodplain use changes, flood risk, and flood hazards, including through natural and nature-based solutions. FMPS can offer general technical services; general planning guidance; guides, pamphlets, and supporting studies; and National Flood Insurance Program support (on a reimbursable basis). FPMS assistance does not include detailed planning, design, and economic analysis; detailed and extensive mapping; and USACE execution of FMPS outputs.

As of March 2022, the USACE will use at least 25% of funds available for this program for work that would directly benefit disadvantaged communities by improving resilience to climate change.

Eligible Recipients

Eligible recipients include state, regional, or local governments, other non-federal public agencies, and tribes. Other federal agencies or private persons may be eligible recipients with different cost-share requirements, as noted.

Approx Annual Funding Amount

The program was funded at $12 million for Fiscal Year 2022, and the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law included $45 million to be available until expended.

Cost Share Requirements

This assistance is carried out at full federal cost for state, regional, and local governments, and on a cost-recovery or fee basis for other federal agencies or private persons.

Application Cycle

Assistance can start on a rolling basis. To initiate a request for assistance, submit a written request (sample letter) to your local USACE District’s Planning office.


See this linked document for contacts for USACE programs.

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