This pilot program will explore how to make flood mitigation assistance available within the disaster recovery timeframe for repetitively flooded and substantially damaged buildings insured under the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) in advance of the annual grant process. Initially, FEMA is offering funding projects located in Louisiana, Mississippi, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania (i.e., states affected by Hurricane Ida).

Eligible Uses

Eligible individual flood mitigation projects include property acquisition and structure demolition/relocation, structure elevation, dry proofing of historical residential structures or non-residential structures, non-structural retrofitting of existing buildings and facilities, mitigation reconstruction, and structural retrofitting of existing buildings.

Eligible Recipients

Only Louisiana, Mississippi, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania are eligible states at this time. Applicants must have a FEMA-approved State Hazard Mitigation Plan, and properties must qualify as Severe Repetitive Loss, Repetitive Loss, or substantially damaged after Aug. 26, 2021. Local governments, including cities, townships, counties, special district governments and tribal governments that choose to apply as sub-applicants, are considered sub-applicants and must apply through their primary state application. Sub-applicants must be participants in the NFIP and in good standing and must have a FEMA-approved Local or Tribal Hazard Mitigation Plan.

Approx Annual Funding Amount

$60 million was provided by the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law for FY22.

Cost Share Requirements

Federal funding is generally available up to 75%, but for properties insured by NFIP, FEMA may contribute up to 100% for severe repetitive loss projects, or up to 90% for projects involving repetitive loss. FEMA may also contribute up to 90% for a property located within a census tract with CDC Social Vulnerability Index (SVI) score of 0.5001 or over.

Application Cycle

  • Applications Open: Spring
  • Applications Close: Summer/Fall
  • Rolling selections will occur until the Application Deadline


State Hazard Mitigation Officers

Other Info

This program is covered under the Justice40 Initiative.