The Emergency Watershed Protection Program provides funding for design and construction measures to help repair damages from a recent disaster to safeguard life, property, and communities caused by floods, fires, windstorms and other natural disasters that impair a watershed.

Eligible Uses

Projects that reduce threats to life or property by repairing severe soil erosion or improving water quality and availability to improve the environment in economically friendly ways based on the best available science.

Eligible Recipients

State and local governments, tribes, and tribal organizations are all eligible recipients.

Approx Annual Funding Amount

$300 million is available annually for the program until expended.

Cost Share Requirements

USDA can pay up to 75% of the cost for eligible emergency projects and local sponsors must acquire the remaining 25% in cash or in-kind services.

Application Cycle

Technical and financial assistance applications generally open in the first quarter of each year.


Learn more about your state’s Emergency Watershed Protection Program from your state’s program manager here.