This program was established to increase resilience of coastal communities affected by federally declared disasters from hurricanes and wildfires. ECRF supports conservation projects to strengthen natural systems that will mitigate future impacts from natural hazards like storms and wildfires, improve fish and wildlife habitat, and protect coastal communities.

Eligible Uses

This program prioritizes nature-based restoration projects that achieve dual program goals: (1) the project benefits coastal communities by reducing impact of future storms and other natural hazards to properties, community infrastructure, assets of economic importance, and health and safety assets; and (2) enhances ecological integrity and ecosystem functionality to enhance fish and wildlife habitat. Selected projects ideally build upon existing state, federal, regional, and local resilience and/or wildlife plans, and/or disaster mitigation plans. Projects must address a specific threat and location that has been prioritized by the program. Projects may include, but are not limited to:

  • Marsh, beach, and dune restoration
  • Living shorelines
  • Stream restoration, including aquatic connectivity projects that reduce flood risk
  • Innovative stormwater management
  • Hazardous fuel reduction to prevent wildfire and revegetation to prevent debris flow

Projects may be conducted on state, Tribal, or local government lands, or on private lands where there is a demonstrated commitment to conservation and community protection. Projects on federal lands are generally not eligible, but if federal lands are essential to a project’s success, applicants may contact NFWF to discuss potential opportunities.

Eligible Recipients

Eligible recipients include non-profit 501(c) organizations, state and territorial government agencies, local governments, municipal governments, Tribal governments and organizations, educational institutions, and commercial (for-profit) organizations. Tribal governments include all Native American Tribal governments (both federally recognized Tribes and Tribes that are not federally recognized).

Approx Annual Funding Amount

ECRF is a periodic program that is active only with supplemental disaster appropriation. Generally, selected awards range from $1 to $5 million.

Cost Share Requirements

No cost share required, but may include a non-federal match with any combination of cash and/or in-kind goods and services.

Application Cycle

ECRF is a periodic program that is active only with supplemental disaster appropriation, application cycles and details are subject to change.


Other Info

ECRF is a collaboration between NOAA and the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF), and other governmental and private partners.