The Community Development Block Grant – Mitigation Program (CDBG-MIT) funds eligible grantees impacted by recent disasters to carry out strategic and high-impact activities to mitigate future disaster risks and losses.

Eligible Uses

CDBG-MIT funds should (1) support data-informed investments, focusing on repetitive property losses and critical infrastructure; (2) build capacity to analyze disaster risks and update hazard mitigation plans; (3) support adoption of policies that reflect local and regional priorities that will impact sustainable risk reduction; and (4) maximize the impact of funds by encouraging leverage, public/private partnerships, and coordination with other federal funding.

Eligible Recipients

States, territories, local governments, and tribes are eligible recipients.

Approx Annual Funding Amount

Funding varies depending on congressional appropriations. See the CDBG-MIT Action Plan Checklist for more information.

Cost Share Requirements

There are no cost-share requirements.

Application Cycle

The application cycle varies depending on disaster recovery needs and congressional appropriations.


See contacts on the HUD Exchange website.