The United States Department of Agriculture Forest Service Urban & Community Forestry Program is the only dedicated urban forest program in the federal government. It is a technical, financial, and educational assistance program, delivering both nature-based solutions for climate and environmental justice and green jobs.

Eligible Uses

Planning for disaster response and recovery, promoting tree canopy, mitigating wildfire, conducting spatial analyses, expanding data availability, increasing green space access to economically disadvantaged communities, providing access to food, information, education, and training, and tree plantings.

Eligible Recipients

Local governments, U.S. territories, tribal governments, and non-profit organizations are all eligible recipients.

Approx Annual Funding Amount

The program is funded at $32 million annually. The Inflation Reduction Act provided an additional $1.5 billion for the program.

Cost Share Requirements

There is a 20% non-federal cost share requirement.

Application Cycle

Deadlines are typically in early January. Check here for updates on the next fiscal year’s deadline.


Contact your state coordinator here.

Other Info

This program is covered under the Justice40 Initiative.